Problems with selective sync while adding google account

I’ve started using insync on a small laptop with 1024x600 resolution. Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca (based on 14.04.2 LTS, Trusty Tahr), xfce 4.12.
I installed insync from “deb trusty non-free contrib” repository.

After I click “Add google account”, a window appears where I log in to my google account and grant permission to insync, then I go to Advanced setup -> Choose the name for insync folder -> Choose where to put it -> Then I get this (file names removed):

There’s no way to continue from here… No buttons or anything and if I close it with “X” then I get to restart the whole process.

Had to select “Start syncing” instead of “Advanced setup”. I almost immediately paused syncing, then chose one small file to be synced and resumed sync. There were about 2000 items in the queue and it took over 20 minutes to process them until the file I wanted was actually synced.

Afterwards, I have non-stop sync. ~50-200 items get added to the queue and they’re processed almost immediately. Then it repeats… There’s nothing left to synchronise, what is insync doing? It stopped after more than an hour.

Unrelated question: Why doesn’t “deb trusty non-free contrib” work? As the download page suggests, it should work, but I get 403 Forbidden error.

@Dalius Does this happen consistently? Please send your logs to for investigation: How to find the log files. You can compress them before sending to save space.

For Linux Mint, Ubuntu Trusty corresponds to Qiana, Rebecca, or Rafaela:

As for the back/done buttons missing, it’s probably a bug from xfce, as I’ve experienced that it sometimes just cuts off windows that go under the panel (even though panel automatic hiding is on). Can’t reproduce now. In retrospect, I should have tried moving the window with alt+left mouse - maybe the buttons were there :slight_smile:

Now after selecting “Start syncing” and immediately deselecting all items from sync, leaving only one empty file, 2734 items were queued and processed in about 10 minutes, then the empty file was synced. I believe this is how insync works by design and probably nothing should be done about this (after all, I did select to sync all files).

If the “non-stop sync” ever happens again I’ll create a new ticket with logs - don’t have the logs anymore from when the problem occured.