Product Roadmap

After having reviewed countless postings on this forum, it seems like there is a need for some type of product roadmap and product vision to be made available to your customers. After further review, it looks like there was a request for this six (6) years ago in 2015 (Roadmap for Insync in 2016), which stated that there would be something made available soon. I cannot find where this was done of if it was ever updated.

Having a product roadmap available would help alleviate concerns and frustrations from customers, it would reduce the number of postings on the forum that state “we will have something soon” or that “it is in the works” with no definite time period specified, and it would give transparency to your future potential customers.

This is something that countless other companies provide and is almost expected for a software company. This could further be enhanced if it showed the major blockers for a particular release or for a particular feature to be released.


Really great points raised here, @GJ1909. I have reached out to our Product Team regarding this and we’ll discuss ways on how to approach this request! :slight_smile:

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@miamoran Thank you!

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No worries at all, @GJ1909!! :slight_smile: