Qnap / Synology Package + Local LAN Sync



I would love to see an Qnap / Synology Package of the Insync Linux Client… Easy to install on the NAS directly… cause the QNAP Gdrive client is a mess…

And as a second request… when Insync is running on the NAS and on several PCs in the local LAN it would be very nice if Insync could sync on local LAN first (to the NAS [perhapse declared as some kind of master]) and the NAS client syncs to the Cloud, so the pc would not need to stay on all the time.

What do you think about it?
kind regards


NAS clients is something we would like to do but as you can well understand, we need to prioritize.

The 2nd request is on our todo list and being looked at though :smile:

Thanks for the feedback. Keep’em coming!


Dropbox LAN type synching (especially during install) would be extremely useful, because of development routines I regularly format my PCs, MAC; Windows and Linux, it is a pain to have to wait several days to download everything again each time.


Where are you at in reference to “LAN sync” @terpua ?


@pascal It’s actively being worked on. That’s all I can say :smile:


+1 on a QNAP / Synology package.
For cloud solutions for business they often want / need a local copy of data.


Got it @Paul_Sheldon will add that to our list :smile:


I am tough to please but I have to say Synology’s Cloud Sync package does a pretty excellent job of sync and selective sync to Google Drive and so I am not sure why I would want to run Insync on my Synology DiskStation. But I would love to hear why it would be helpful.

Now, LAN sync. Wow. Wow would that be cool. My Clients and I do a lot of video editing and have terabytes of archived video that we need access to on an ad hoc basis. Insync allows us to grab a hundred or so GB of data down off Google Drive when needed and have it backed up while we work but waiting for things to come up and down from the Cloud is time consuming and being able to do this at GBE or 10gbe LAN speeds while letting the NAS work around the clock on syncing to Google Drive and subsequently to regional offices is ideal.

The new file compare feature coupled with some other LAN sync tool is a start but man would LAN sync be nice, having the entire solution wrapped up inside that clean Insync UI is a real winner.

Good luck with the progress on that team! We appreciate you.



Thank you, @michaelbbateman for your support.

Our team is working hard to have a product that works.


What about “Local LAN sync” feature?
Look forward to it! :smile:


Any update on the lan sync feature?


No new update yet, but it will be supported soon.

Thank you.


Any news on a QNAP insync app?


We’re an IT Managed Service Provider just testing out InSync for the first time, with potential rollout to our corporate clients in mind if it works well (the native Google Drive client is unbelievably frustrating to deal with in a corporate environment).

LAN sync would be a HUGE factor in our decision making about InSync. Any update or ETA on this feature @terpua?


I would love to see this as well!


Any update about packages?