Raspberry pi Insync update?



Do you plan an update of Insync client for Raspberry pi or will this platform not be supported anymore in the future?

I am running a home-made NAS managed by a Raspberry pi and I would be sad if you drop support of this platform in the next releases.

Thank you.

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The latest version of Raspberry pi may not be compatible with Windows 10. It is showing Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing Windows 10. This is showing again and again.


Hey @pscheven and @evana_page,

Unfortunately we’re dropping support for Raspberry pi and will no longer update it. :frowning:



For which reasons?

Raspberry pi support was the main reason why I purchased Insync licence.

Too difficult to keep supporting it technically?

Can you please confirm that the latest version for Raspberry will keep working (for example connection to licence server in order to be allowed to reinstall it without any problem) for at least a few years?

Thank you.

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Hey @pscheven,

It’s too difficult to maintain for our engineers since there are also multiple distributions and OS’ they work on. You can still download and use our 1.3 installers and will still be able to authenticate your license when you add an account. :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

Still in my trial period and I am glad that you let it be known before I purchased. Also, why would you support multiple distributions on the pi? Just support raspbian and let the rest be, that would cover just about everyone.


Good idea, just supporting raspbian would we enough :slight_smile:

Best regards.