Re-Sync: Replace GDrive with local files…


Hi Everyone,

I used Insync in the early beta 1.4 to sync teamdrive-folders with the local files on our mac server. Regarding to our low bandwidth the team ist working in the local network on a shared folder from the mac server - this folder is synced with google drive teamfolders for backup and external access on the files.

Unfortunately I didn’t recognized the expiring beta early enough, so the teamdrive sync stopped working unless I switched to the new licensing model. Meanwhile the local storage changed extremely and as I started the sync again I wasn’t really shure what insync really was syncing and in which direction.

So how would you start, if I would like to resync the whole local storage to gdrive (this might be around 1 TB, so I need to do it in several steps / packages with different main-folders) replacing the cloud-file structure and files with the one one the local server?



If your Mac server is the only place where a local copy exists, and no changes are made to the cloud copies from elsewhere, and your local Insync database hasn’t been deleted, then local changes will propagate to the cloud, not the other way around.