Reconnect to existing root folder?

This is weird.

I have my laptop partitioned into three partitions. One for Windows, One for Linux, and one is a drive that gets mounted to whichever OS is booted. On that drive is my OneDrive share as well as my Google Drive share. Windows manages syncing the OneDrive share, Linux manages syncing my Google Drive share (using InSync).

The shared drive which has been mounted as “Data Drive” forever on my linux partition somehow got confused and started mounting as “Data Drive1”. That caused InSync to barf as the root directory “moved”. I was able to reconnect InSync to the new folder through the UI and all was well.

But then I found that other things on that share were broken (in particular, fonts shared from that drive). So I fixed the mounting issue and got the share to connect to the “Data Drive” share instead. This caused InSync to barf once again, because the share was missing. However, this time I can’t reconnect the share because Insync says “Chosen path contains a syncing location”.

Well, yes, it does. It’s in sync, and I want to connect to it. How can I?

Aaaaand it looks like while Insync has been looking at the Wrong folder, it has now wiped out my Google Drive. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Thankfully the “correct” location was not touched, so I have now backed that up to my portable SSD for safekeeping while I diagnose. But this has wiped my Google drive clean. What.the.actual.frack.

Looks like i’ll be starting from scratch here, so what’s the best way to move fowrard? Uninstall Insync and re-install? And pray Insync doesn’t blow away my Google drive again?

Hi @ekalfwonS,

My sincere apologies for what happened!! :frowning:

It would be best to remove your account first, then do a clean uninstall.

But before doing that, could you please send your log files to so we can look into what may have happened? Please attach your logs.db, out.txt, data folder, and live folder. You can follow the instructions here.

To know how to remove your account, visit this Help Article. Then, uninstall Insync by following these steps. You can reinstall and set up your account afterwards.

Well, unfortunately I couldn’t wait that long. I did leave it for 10 hours before I went back to it, hoping someone would have some suggestions for me. But I couldn’t wait longer than that.

It took me an hour of googling and hacking to resolve things to the point where I could start syncing again. I had to figure out where Insync stored the files, because how to really remove InSync when you uninstall it isn’t clearly documented anywhere on the InSync site… At least, nothing I could find regarding where the databases are stored.

So when I finally did find the files, I just deleted the folder, uninstalled Insync again, re-installed, and then signed in again and started the long process of having Insync re-sync my entire Gdrive.

Hopefully the next time this happens I don’t lose any data.

Hi @ekalfwonS,

I understand that you needed to take immediate action! Thank you for walking me through what you did in order to get things back up and running again.

If you find yourself looking for documentation or bump into any other issues-- you may refer to or shoot me an email at