Reinstall Not Launching

I uninstalled Insync. When I reinstall it now, nothing occurs. It doesn’t launch. It doesn’t ask me to sign into a google account. It doesn’t do anything. Please help me resolve this.

Hi @Jeremy_Beagle can you let me know what your OS is? :smile:

Windows 7 Home Premium

@Jeremy_Beagle: Please send your logs to so that we could look into this further


Hello Dipesh,

I don’t even know how to access the screen that you’re referencing in that image. I’ve been clicking around the sites for a while and I don’t see where that is. Sorry to test your patience, but where do I find the “tray menu” that looks like that?

@Jeremy_Beagle: Please check the following folder for logs.db and out.txt files: C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Insync