Remote changes in team drives are not detected


a month ago we decided to migrate all our company files from classical drive folders to team drives.

Since then, whenever a colleague of mine modifies the contents of some folders inside one of the team drives, my workstation does not notice these changes until I open the insync panel by hand and navigate the team drive by double clicking and taking the folder where I expect the change.

Obviously it is rather debilitating and forces me to use team drives exclusively from the web, making my insync license useless.

I hope that someone at Insnyc could take care of this problem.

I’m currently running Ubuntu 18.04 x86_64, kernel 4.15.0-51-generic, with insync version


This situation exists since months. You can take a look at my post history. The annual license business model is a joke as the core functionality is broken since autumn last year.

My hope is for the new software version 3. My fear is that it will take up to a year to get any usable version from the new branch. Still core functionality missing and not really tested very well yet. As far as I can tell there will be no development on the current version (1.5+) at all - at least there hasn’t been since last year.

To be completely honest: there sadly is no real alternative for Linux… as soon as there is anything comparable I’ll happily switch. Until then I am stuck with Insync.

Does not keep Team Drive sub folders in sync since several weeks on Ubuntu 18.10

Hi @wolfi,

I completely understand your frustration on this and I’m really sorry for the lack of updates or fixes on this issue from our end.

We’re hoping to fix a lot of Google Team Drive issue with Insync 3, especially with the new core bringing in improved syncing reliability and syncing speeds. We’re currently on version 3.0.9 on our beta and looking to release for you guys to use and test real soon.


I expect that my yearly licence will be extended since the date of release of the patch for another year.

Right now I’m paying for a service that I cannot use without the live update feature.


Hi Lorenzo,

Really sorry for this hassle. If you’re on Prime or Teams, the license is lifetime!

We’re working on this on Insync 3. You can try it out if you want. You can download from: Insync version: 3.0.11 beta - sync OneDrive! but there are still missing features :frowning: