Remove file only from the cloud while on two-way syncing


I would like to remove files from the cloud, but keep a local copy of them. Using the GUI, I can stop the 2-way-syncing, but at the cost that files would be removed both from the cloud and from my machine. Is it possible to remove some files only from the cloud and keep my local copies?

I am using Insync for Gdrive on Fedora.


Hi @gpetrini! There is no “keep local copy only” option when unsyncing files that originated from the cloud. The workaround for this is to move it outside of the local sync folder. When you move it out of the sync folder, that also removes them from the cloud (so you don’t need to open the web browser and delete it from there).

Let me know if you need anything else!

Hi @mia,

Thank you for the support.

I have a few questions. Those files weren’t originated from the cloud, but I uploaded them from local to remote. Does it still means that I am not able to remove only from the cloud without excluding my local copies?

In case I remove it from the sync folder, they will be tracked again if I copy them to the same location?
The reason for this is because I sync’ed a .git folder and I would need it in the same location as before. If I upgrade to the developer plan, can I use the ignore rule to not syncing them to the cloud back again?


Hello @gpetrini!

If you uploaded via Local Selective Sync, the local copy will be kept when you unsync but take note that unsyncing doesn’t automatically mean that the cloud copy gets deleted. The steps would be to unsync > delete cloud copy.

If you remove it from the sync folder then copy again, it will be tracked (aka synced again). So yes – ignoring the folder shall work :slight_smile: You can upgrade to the Developer Plan to use the Ignore Rules.