Removing more and more files?



insync is no longer syncing files reliable! It is removing files locally telling me, that folders were removed (which wasn’t the case at all). I can still see all file online but the files are no longer synced.

Ok, I can be happy that I didn’t have to restore files from my backup but this behaviour is not acceptable at all.

I had it in the past already that sometimes insync told me that a folder was removed and a few minutes later it started downloading everything again.

I am using insync 1.5.7 on mac os, syncing files mainly to/from teamdrives.


Just saw the same behaviour on my linux system. Seems that the same folders were removed.

What I did as a test: On the Google Drive website, I create a new, empty folder inside a folder that was missing and afterwards, insync started to download all files.

I find this behaviour really strange. But i am really wondering, what is going on here. Could be an issue with the google drive api itself because multiple systems showed this problem.

I would like a feature to define some kind of master. So I would like to define a teamdrive on one computer as “master”. There might me different option on that. I could think of two options right now:

  • reupload files that are deleted on Google Drive (yes/no)
  • Download files that are added to Google Drive or remove them.
    Maybe this is something that you might think about. Maybe you find some new features you would like to implement.

Do you need anything from my computers to track down the problem?


No reaction at all even after a week?

But no problem, replaced insync with rclone on linux systems. Even that there is no real 2 way sync in rclone: It was enough for me, because the most important topic for me was to have a backup of files in GSuite (which has a backup, too) with the side effect that people could access files through google drive, too. Now this is read only but it is ok for my need.


I have been experiencing this same issue for weeks on my Linux computer. It occurs sporadically. Insync randomly deletes files and folders on my computer, which are still accessible via Google Drive Web. When I open the Insync App, these deleted folders and files show the ‘syncing’ icon. However, they are not being downloaded. I have to click the ‘unsync’ button and then click “sync” again. It take forever for insync to re-download the files. This is particularly annoying for large files.

Please help!


I made really good experience with rclone in the last days.

It does not do a two way sync, but it is great for one way sync and also to copy files (copy is like sync but without removing files on the target side).

I tested it on Linux (Debian stable and testing - insync had problems on testing, too) and on my Mac.

But rclone needs the drive api, soul an admin has to create client Id and client secret. Just telling you this, because this might be an issue in case that you do not have the required rights.