Renaming a file doesn't preserve its timestamp on Google Drive


I have noticed that renaming a file locally sets the file’s timestamp to the time of renaming the file instead of preserving the original timestamp.

Not sure if this bug was introduced recently or has been here the whole time.

Steps to reproduce (Linux command line):

  1. touch A # Creates a new file with the mtime T, uploads it to Google Drive with “modification time” set to T
  2. sleep 300 # Wait 5 minutes
  3. mv A B # Renames the file.
  4. Wait a few moments for the change to get synced and check B’s “modification time” on . The new file’s timestamp is now T+5 minutes instead of T. This is also reflected locally if the folder is unsynced and re-synced again.

Ubuntu Linux, insync v3.2.1.40839

Hi! Clarifying this behavior with our team. I’ll update you!

Hi! Sorry took a while, but this has been fixed in 3.2.3: New Insync version: 3.2.3 :slight_smile:

Awesome, I will give it a try today. Thank you


This is still not fixed - I would say it is worse now
Version 3.2.3 will synchronize the timestamp but to the newer one instead of leaving the timestamp as it is.

When a file is renamed, its timestamp should stay the same. Upon renaming,

  • version 3.2.1 left the old local timestamp (good), but set the cloud “modification time” to the time when the file was renamed (wrong)
  • version 3.2.3 upon syncing sets both local timestamp and cloud “modification time” to the time when the rename happened (both wrong)

The proper way to fix it is to leave the local file alone and make sure the cloud file has the same “modification time” as the local file (time when the file was actually modified, not renamed).

Hope this helps.