Renaming a folder lets insync delete and recreate it

… and the contents of the renamed folder were deleted by insync in its action. The app window feed states: you deleted xy, and: you created xz.

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I’ll be tagging our engineer @lpugoy and he will get back to you :smile:

@Bernd_Nitzschmann: Apologies for the trouble. Did Insync re-upload the files under the renamed folder? Did it have a lot of files under it?

Well, I could boot another PC, switching off wifi quickly. After backing up this folder and switching wifi on again, the deletion distributed to this pc. After restoring the backed files at the 2nd pc, these files synced back to the original one (280 files with 800MB).

@Bernd_Nitzschmann: Apologies, but I’m not sure what you mean by “the deletion distributed to this pc”. Also when you restored the backed up files is your setup back to normal?

Sorry for the late reply. I meant that the deletion replicated to the second pc. After waiting for that, I restored my files and now my setup is back to normal.

i see this was 1 year ago. was it ever fixed? i have just had the same problem, but did not realise what was happening. files were not restored to the new directory name, and i had to restore from an older local backup. lost quite a bit of data …

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It seems like this is still an issue. I just had the same thing happen on v1.3.22 on Ubuntu 17.04 - I renamed a folder and Insync proceeded to delete all of its contents. I was able to restore it from .insync-trash, but it was very frustrating/frightening. Any word on a fix?

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I’ve just had the same problem.

I renamed several folders using my file manager (Files 3.26.0 aka Nautilus) within in my Insync folder on my desktop machine (Ubuntu 17.10), which seems to have worked as you would expect for all except one of them. For that one, Insync just deleted the folder and (almost) all its contents, and created a new (almost empty) folder with the new name.

The really worrying thing is that I would not have realised what had happened except that Insync was unable to delete three of the files (out of 100s) and so I saw an error message in the Insync app indicator on my desktop.

PLEASE let me know how to avoid this happening in future!!

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Just happened to me. And I only realised by accident that everything was deleted. When I restored from the trash of google drive only half of the files were restored (no folders). Was able to rescue it out of the .insynch-trash though (which cleans itself after 30 days afaik).
If there is no quick fix on that, my only option is to move everything to dropbox

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Hi @axl,

I would like to deeply apologize for the trouble it caused you! :frowning: Rest assured that we are working to make sure that file integrity is kept across all our users. Kindly send us your log files to with the link to this post so we can investigate your case further and prevent this from happening again.

Thank you!

This is still happening. I recovered my folder, then waited for insync to synch all changes, and tried to move the folder back – everything got deleted again. Moving a folder to a new location, then moving it back also caused the contents of the folder to be deleted.

Hi! I have replied to your previous post regarding unwanted deletions. As mentioned, I’ll forward the logs to our engineer once we receive your logs. Thank you and I apologize again for the inconvenience :frowning:

I cannot believe this. Your app is DELETING DATA from users that RENAME FOLDERS? It has been 3 YEARS since this issue was brought to your attention and you have not fixed that?! Every user is going to fucking rename folders!!! This is absurd!

I just changed some folders names and lost a lot of data thanks to this THREE YEARS OLD CRITICAL ISSUE. Unbelievable.

It is clear that you are not able to fix this issue, you had enough time. I was recommending your app. Now I have to let everyone I told about your software that it is dangerous and that all their data is in jeopardy because of this critical bug.

Hi @Francio_Rodrigues!

I’m really sorry for this. It can definitely be frustrating and disappointing for users to see bugs from years ago still exist :frowning_face: My colleague @mia has already responded to your email.

We are looking to improve our builds (and by extension, squish these annoying bugs :bug:) and our engineers are hard at work doing so.

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This is still happening on Ubuntu 18.04.3! This is dangerously irresponsible – at least notify users on Linux somehow so they don’t rename folders and lose data.

I just renamed a folder which I was only syncing one of the subfolders of. Insync presumed to delete ALL the other subfolders from Google Drive when I did this.

Insync needs to treat partially synced folders with extra care. I just spent an hour with Google support resolving this. Unbelievable!