Renaming Folders and Files in 3.0 vs 1.5

@miamoran, I tested with 3.1.4 and the problem persists…

Very frustrating…

@miamoran, I’ve filtered events from today, (logs table of logs.db) and exported to CSV, and sent to, hope it helps to identify the problem.

Hi @fluizao,

Just to confirm-- is it uploading a new folder wherein you end up with two copies, one 060-PBJ-1H and Orlik 060-PBJ-1H as reported by @moeschl? Or does this only happen up as an Activity Feed entry but you only have the latter copy in Drive web?

Hi @miamoran ,

I dont have two duplicate folders. It just uploads a new folder, and delete the old one.

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Hi @miamoran,

Any news on this?

Hi @fluizao,

We investigated the incorrect activity generated by Insync on the app, and it seems to be related to moving a file or folder, such that it generates a delete-upload. Since it’s possibly related, I will send the 3.1.5 build here as soon as it’s released.

Then please try that out for me to see how it goes.

Thank you!

@miamoran, I tested today with 3.1.5, and the problem still persists :frowning:

However, I noticed that if a rename the folder back, Insync can now rename in GDrive. I dont know if this is the cause, since I dont know how Insync works internally, but I think my local database have the wrong reference of the remote file (some kind of GID?). After it renames, now it knows the correct reference, and then can perform a rename correctly.

I will send the logs of that events to the support.

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@fluizao Thank you for testing it and providing the feedback! Let me know once you’ve sent the logs over. :slight_smile:

@miamoran logs sent yesterday. I think I’ve tracked down the issue, the local insync database dont have reference to the filesystem inodes. Full report sent by email.

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@miamoran, tested with v3.1.6 today, still happening… rename operation = delete + upload


@miamoran & fellow users,
Played around today with 2 folders and files and things seem to be working for me. - Linux Mint 19.3

Created a test folder “Insync Test” and then .txt, .odf and .pdf files along with a folder inside it. Renamed the files and folder and Insync renamed them. Moved the files in and out of the internal folder and Insync moved them.
Created a second test folder “Insync Test 2” outside the first and was able to move folders and files between them with Insync moving the them.
Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I’ll update if I catch something not working right.

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@miamoran tested with v3.1.7, bug still present.

@dimbulb1024, for me, the problem don’t happens to newly created files and folders. If I create something, and than rename/move, the files are renamed/moved on the cloud. The problem is with files which are already synced, and after the migration to v3. I explained the problem to @miamoran and even how to fix it, but nothing so far…

@fluizao Ahhh yes you are correct. It’s strange cause once it deletes and uploads the renamed file it renames it without an issue from then on.