Renaming Folders and Files in 3.0 vs 1.5

One thing I have noticed since moving to 3 vs 1.5, anytime I rename a file or folder in 3.0 it deletes it on Google Drive and then re-uploads the file or folder as a new one. When I used 1.5 it knew the folder was renamed and just renamed it on Google Drive. For me this is an issue as because of where I live I have limited bandwidth and data.
And just so you know, I am overall very happy with insync and appreciate the work you guys do.
Currently running on Linux Mint 19.3

Hi @dimbulb1024,

May I know if you renamed the folder via your file manager while Insync wasn’t running?

Hi miamoran,
Yes, Insync is running and is up to date when this occurs.

Hi @dimbulb1024,

Thank you! This is a bug indeed-- renaming a folder should update the feed that X folder was renamed, not deleted/re-uploaded.

Could you send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post?

I’m having the same issue on v3.0.31. I renamed a folder in windows explorer with Insync running, and instead of it automatically renaming in Google Drive, it put the folder in trash in Google Drive and is uploading all the files again, unlike how it used to work in v1.5

Hi! Could you also send your log files to with the link to this post?

@miamoran email sent

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Mia is working with me on this over email, but in case other people are running into this, here’s a copy and paste of my last email:

This is still happening even after the update. I just tried renaming a folder on my local computer and Insync uploading it as a new folder to my Google Drive instead of just renaming the old one. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like in Google Drive.

The bottom folder is the original and the top one is the renamed folder. The only difference between the first time and tried and the second time I tried after the update is that it didn’t put the old one in the trash. Now it’s just sitting beside the rename one.

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Thank you @moeschl for posting! This would redirect other affected users to our email ( just in case they’re experiencing a similar issue.

I’ve received your email with this update and have escalated this to our engineers.

I have the same problem, Linux Mint 19.3, Insync v3.1.1.40765

Logs don’t have anything useful, just warnings about mimetypes associations and rgb profiles…

@fluizao Thanks for reporting this! Do you mind sending it with the link to this post so we can still try to look for the cause? Please include our data folder and live folders, which are both located in the same directory as your logs.db and out.txt.

Thank you!

@miamoran The files are a bit large to send by email…

29M data
238M dbs
307M live
15M logs.db
112K out.txt
20K settings.db
52K settings.db-wal

Hi @fluizao,

You can send me a link to download instead (ie WeTransfer, Google Drive shared link, etc) :slight_smile:

Email I received from @miamoran yesterday to keep anyone else in the loop who’s having this issue:

Thanks for clarifying, Sean!

I just tested this now and was able to replicate it with a folder. I also tried it with a file but this renamed as expected, and the issue doesn’t seem to happen with OneDrive so it might be exclusive to Google Drive. I’ve created a full report and sent this to our engineers for investigation.

And a suggestion: If possible, it would be helpful to repost your email responses here so that everyone is on the same page (unless we’re discussing sensitive info of course). I’m sure there’s a method to the madness but spreading this conversation across forums and emails makes it harder to keep track of what’s going on and makes it look like nothing is happening when I’m sure you guys are working hard to get these issues fixed.

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@miamoran any updates on this?

Still happening with v3.1.3… deletes and uploads everything

Hi @moeschl @fluizao, just confirming if this is still happening after updating to 3.1.2 and 3.1.3?

HI @miamoran,
I can confirm this is still happening with
I am still on Linux Mint 19.3.

@miamoran, yes, still happening.

Gotcha, thank you guys for updating!

I just tested it again now with the 3.1.4 version. A local rename to a file or folder works as expected. I can also confirm this correct behavior via the Google Activity Feed.

@moeschl @fluizao @dimbulb1024 could you update to the latest version, and let me know here if the deletion-upload behavior persists?