Renaming folders DELETES data


Linux mint 18.2 user with insync 1.5.5.

I just renamed a few folders AND LOST MOST OF THE DATA INSIDE THEM. Insync deleted it completely from my google drive.

This post reports basically the same issue and it is THREE YEARS OLD. This is a THREE YEAR OLD CRITICAL ISSUE. This makes your software useless and hazardous. I cannot believe I spent money on a software that does THE WORST THING IT CAN POSSIBLY DO.

Thank god I have a backup. wtf…

Renaming folders on Linux

Hi @Francio_Rodrigues,

Again, I want to apologise for the disruption and panic that this bug caused. My colleague is already in contact with you about this so that we can further investigate this issue.


Yes, I am in touch through email. My messages were fairly dramatic because I was really upset yesterday. Still shocked that a fatal flaw like this has been running for so long. This is the kind of bug that can cause serious damage to everyone…



Hi @Francio_Rodrigues

I completely understand your predicament and no worries on that.

We really want to work on this with you to make sure that we solve this error in our upcoming builds as well.