Revise naming convention for conflict files


I’ve noticed that when Insync detects duplicate file names in Google Drive, it automatically renames them using this format:

  • File.jpg
  • File (2).jpg
  • File (3).jpg

However, this method can be confusing, especially when files naturally have “(2)” in their names. This also makes it hard to identify which files have naming conflicts.

I propose renaming these conflict files using the term “conflict”, like:

  • File.jpg
  • File (conflict 2).jpg
  • File (conflict 3).jpg

Alternatively, incorporating a timestamp can pinpoint when the conflict arose:

  • File.jpg
  • File (conflict 2023-08-18-12-12-32).jpg
  • File (conflict 2023-08-19-13-42-46).jpg

Thank you for considering this enhancement.

Best regards,

Thank you for sending this feature request! We do not have an ETA when requests can be included in our timeline, but posting this in a visible space can allow users to chime in and help us better determine how important a feature is for our community!

This would be a great addition. Adding the date and time in ISO 8601 format would be good too.

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