Ridiculous initialization time Insync 3.0.20+

I’ve been having the same sync stuck issue because of undefined download error that I’ve seen so many Insync users report in this forum. For 3 days now! After a fresh install! The app (with that horrendous UX) becomes completely unresponsive. I have to force quit it to even check logs! Every time I restart Insync it takes a ridiculously long time to initialize. And I get the first sign in screen asking me to add Google Drive or One Drive accounts. What the hell?! What moron decided to rush this turd of a product into public release?! What an absolute NIGHTMARE of a product :rage:. I waited for months to have a 64-bit version of the product. A ground-up rebuild they said. This, folks, is a primer on how to fuck up your product completely! I don’t have much hope for this company to last

1 hour and counting. The app (ver 3.0.21blahblah) has still now finished initializing and launched fully! On a fully loaded 2016 iMac running 10.14.6. Seriously Insync?! WTF

Hi there, we apologize for the late reply. Is this occurring?

Had the same issue too. I’ve been using insync for 6 or 7 years now. Don’t see any improvement at all. Not sure what the strategic direction for the product looks like but I’m really pissed about all those recent bugs. Worst thing of all: there’s no better alternative out there in the market :cry:

yes i’m seeing this too

between this and the privacy concerns around google in general i’m seriously considering testing spideroak :confused:

i’m also seeing that most of the buttons don’t work, i click them and nothing happens, i can’t save config, i can’t quit without force quitting, i can’t shutdown my computer without force quitting insync, several PDF documents that i saved to my local last night were missing this morning, half the pages are “under construction”, the logs are in an encrypted sqlite database that can only be opened while the app is running, app frequently shows me as logged out, even after logging in the app often shows empty google drive, the sync progress doesn’t show any upload/download progress, there is no indication of overall upload/download progress (number of files out of total), says vundefined in the header

app feels like an early developer preview, how do i rollback to a stable version?