Selective Sync Folders Not In Sync



I’ve made a number of changes to the folder structure on my Drive account via the Google Drive web admin.

Before I did that I paused my Insynq app to avoid the changes taking place on my local machine. Some of the changes are visible within the Insync Mac App via the Selective Sync section, however, there are still some big differences.

It’s been almost a week since I made the changes but the Insynq app is still showing differences in the structure.

Before I switch off the pause option, is there a way to manually resync the Insync app with my Google Drive account without having to re-download all the files?

Also, any ideas if there are issues with Insync’s own support as I emailed them almost a week ago and followed up a few days later but have heard nothing since.



Sorry about the delay, Jonathan. We will follow up on this as soon as possible. cc: @jimperio


Thanks Jaduenas

I’ve tried switching the app back on however it started downloading all sorts of different folders which were not visible within the Google Drive online app so I’ve switched it off and have reverted back to Google Drive Stream in the short term.

I think the only way to sort this will be to start again with InSync which is a shame but I’m keen to avoid further issues.



@csilck-jms We apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

Are you still encountering this issue? I have just a few questions to confirm that I understood you correctly:

  1. You paused Insync before making changes on Drive because you previously did not want local changes to be performed. Did you then unpause, but Insync didn’t perform any changes?

  2. For the unrecognized folders that got downloaded, have you already checked under “Shared with me” on Drive web (or in Insync’s selective sync)? If they’re checked in selective sync, simply uncheck them and they will be removed from your local machine.


Hi Jimperio

No problems, thanks for getting back to me,

I established that I was also syncing files and folder shared with me to my local machine and it’s that which made things look different to my Google Drive account. It’s not a feature I normally use and rarely access tbh.

Perhaps InSync should not be set to download all files and folders including those shared with the user on first load. At least that way it won’t confuse users