Separate "Pause / Resume" & "Syncing..." UI button

I have a number of issues with the whole queue UI in v3, but this detail has recently been giving me a lot of grief.

Could we separate the “Pause / Resume” toggle from the “Syncing…” popup button? Just put two fully dedicated buttons, one next to the other. Or put the Progress tab on the left hand nav bar and let it have it’s own place to live like in v1.

I suggest this because when InSync is thinking about what files need syncing, the three potential states of that single button will jump back and forth sporadically, and if you are moving to click the button it’s a bit of a roulette game as to what action will occur.

I know that the icon to the left of the text is theoretically a separate button, but when it’s in the “Pause / Resume” state the text becomes unified with the icon and what was moments ago a pair of buttons is now one.

So if I’m in the process of clicking the “Syncing…” text (which is it’s own button when available) but suddenly InSync feels the need to reevaluate the queue, the “Syncing…” button I was already clicking becomes part of the “Pause/Resume” button and instead of seeing my file list twirl up I’ve now paused syncing. When I try to immediately click again, it might flicker back to the the “Syncing…” button state and then instead of resuming syncing I’ll just view the queue momentarily before it empties and disappears, etc.

It’s pretty annoying! In fact, I’m just watching the idle UI right now as it flickers between “Syncing…” and “Pause” states whenever an update check happens.

Could we just get a separate bit of interface for the file queue? Like just leave the “Syncing^” text there but grey it out when the queue is empty. Or not, just let the interface come up and tell you it’s empty. Really the more space you can give the queue the better, it’s a pretty important part of the tool to get such a transient, limited UI.

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Hi @fifthlegion,

Thanks so much for bringing this up. I’ll forward this to our UI team for review.