Separated host and folder sync to one single googledrive



My wife use insync to sync her work folders on her google drive. Now as she is working for several customer she needs to sync their files to her google drive account. Each customer must ne be able to see the other customers files.

How can I install insync on my wifes customers PC and have only one drive folder accessible to each customer ?

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Hey @Lionel_Aran,

If I understand your concern correctly, your wife can copy the link of the specific folder via the Insync UI and send it to the intended customer so they can view it.

If this doesn’t solve your issue, let me know. :slight_smile:




Thank you for your reply.

My wife works on the customer files (and the customer also work on his files). Last year my wife had a single customer and worked in the same office. They use to share a folder over a local network.

Now my wife is having multiple customers and I planned on using a vpn tunnels per customer but where we live the Internet is not very stable and therefore using cloud gives more reliability.

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Hey @Lionel,

Your wife can sync the folder and share it to her customer so they both have access to it (you can view our help guide here). If your wife and her customer collaborate on a file, it seems that using Team Drives along with our Teams license will fulfill the job. :slight_smile:



thank you very much for your tie and expertise.

How many team can she create if she takes the team license ?

If my wife create a new more professional google account, will she be able to transfer her insync license to this new account ?

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Hey @Lionel,

No problem! Insync supports one license per Google account and license transfers are generally not permitted. However, she can purchase multiple licenses (with a discount) and assign them to other people via the dashboard.

Hope this helps!


Ok great. Thank you very much