Setting up your account, this might take some time.... How long is some time?


I am setting up an existing account on a new machine but the “Setting up your account, this might take some time…” seems to have either stopped of is taking an excessively long time.

How long should it take, I have around 1tB of data on the google drive.

Many Thanks

Hi @Lee_Morphy what OS are you on?

cc @dipesh @jimperio @lpugoy

Me again, different login.
Currently using Windows 7

It has been showing this for 24 hours now.

@dipesh @jimperio
Could really do with getting an answer if possible.


@Andrew_Watton We apologize for our delayed response.

Could you kindly send in your log files (How to find the log files) to so we can take a closer look?

If you have a large number of top-level “My Drive” files or a large number of files shared with you, it’s possible for initialization to take a while.

I have emailed over the log files, can you confirm receipt?


Confirming receipt, we will respond via the support email thread. Thank you and we apologize for the delayed response!