Several problems with synchronization (not uploading, error...)


I would like to buy for your product, but I have several issues.

I use Ubuntu 19.10 with Insync v3.0.23.40579

First issue:
Many times, the synchronization stop with some files.
(The sync is still trying to upload, but with no progress)

Second issue:
The sync sometimes indicate an error (independantly from the first issue)
Ex in the screenshot, i doesnt seems to continue.

Third issue:
I use the software on 2 computers, and if I do changes on the first computer (for exemple reorganize folders and delete files/folders), the second computers seems to upload again the folders I have deleted.

PS: I have already send the logs files to your mail, but I didn’t receive and answer

What can I do ?

Hi! I believe we already have en email exchange on this. Thanks for reaching out to us via email, Emmanuel!