Share Download Link option



I’d like to suggest a slight change or addition to the “Copy link for anyone” context menu. Currently the link created will attempt to open the file within the Gdrive environment. This is not much use (personally) for me or my clients as most do not use the Gdrive platform and the files are just too big (typically PPT files of 50-200 mb or more) for Google to handle.

All the client wants is to download the file onto their own systems, not open them in Google.

It is possible to hack the link generated already:

you take the File_ID section of the generated link and paste it into:

But obviously this is clumsy and slow. Much better to have a simple option in the context menu share:

“Copy link for anyone”
“Copy download link (for anyone)”

What do you think?


You can view and download the file using the viewing link, and whether or not your clients use Google Drive doesn’t affect its functionalities.


Yes, I agree, you can. The problem is that on bigger files it frequently churns through trying to display the file before failing with a somewhat ungraceful “Oops, this file to too big to preview”. This adds friction plus the potential for confusion for clients (who in my case are frequently less technical and non-English speaking.)

If the file could just start downloading it would be great - similar to WeTransfer, Amazon and other services…

A relatively simple thing to add from a coding point of view too…


Thanks for this feedback @Witchdrum and for the initial response @Hawk :slight_smile:

I’ve taken note of this and will raise to the team for review. :slight_smile: