Shortcut to add ignore rule for files/folders in the error feed

Hey there. I’m finding it’s very often that I will get errors for certain files that insync cannot synchronize for one reason or another (usually symbolic links or permission-locked files). I almost always need to add these files manually to the ignore list… which can be laborious because it’s not possible to copy/paste the file path from the error feed.

It would be wonderful if sync alerts for specific files/folders in the error feed included an extra option in the context menu for “add ignore rule for this file”, which would automatically add a new line to the ignore rules that would remove this file from consideration in future syncing.

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Hey that feature seems to be a nifty one! I’d be happy to forward this feature request to our Product Team. We don’t have a public roadmap for feature requests yet; however, the more voices we can add to a request, the more pressing the issue and the more attention it will get from the engineers. :slight_smile: