Show Sync Progress on Application Icon

Hey there, Insync is a great application and the best Google Drive sync solution I know of, especially on Linux.

However, with the tray indicators being deprecated for such a long time and them causing issues on multiple Linux distributions (i.e. not showing up in elementary OS, requiring extra dependencies/extensions on GNOME), how would you feel about using the existing modern APIs (e.g. the Unity Launcher API) to show the sync progress and perhaps using the notification badges to show errors/issues on the application icon instead? That way it could be used as a replacement to the tray icon.

This would also make it feel much more native to Linux in my opinion. To further improve the user experience, there could also be notifications if there’s sync errors or incoming shares so users won’t have to rely on a tiny badge on the tray icon to know of something is up.

I know a change like this is not trivial to implement, but I think it could be a great next step for an already great application.

Cheers and keep up the great work!

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Thanks for this @ecto111!

We’re aware of the issues re: tray indicators – currently, we’re working on a fix so that Insync and its app window can be launched from the applications menu & dock/favorites bar and not solely from the tray icon :+1:

I’ll take note of your other recos and discuss that with our dev team, but it sounds good :smiley:

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