Show what is NOT synced

Can I request a tab or screen that shows “files not synced” for both cloud and local folders.
And allows you to tick the box to sync them

Selective syncing is brilliant but has two issues

  1. it is easy to lose track of what you are not syncing on a particular machine - sometimes you need to easily see what is not synced so you can re-enable syncing where needed.

  2. sometimes insync has a little hiccough and doesn’t sync a particular subfolder etc - it would be great to see the unsynced folders highlighted so we can fix the problem by re-nabling syncing if we want to

The only way to do this now is manually stepping though all subfolders both locally and in the cloud which is tiresome to do when you have a lot of files and a complex folder structure - In my case where I have 1 linux laptop , one window laptop - and my desktop dual boots linux and windows installation with the synced folders on separate dives for each so this tiresome job needs to be done 4x so i have confidence every thing is OK .

The point of sync software is that we don’t have to do this stuff manually.

TO summarise what what make insync excellent would be

  1. a check and repair database button
  2. a view which shows all unsyced or partially synced folders with out the clutter of synced folders both locally and in cloud and allows you to click to sync

thanks for a good bit of software - hope we can help you add he the polish that makes it excellent .



Hi there, thanks for this extensive recommendation. This is actually pretty good but it looks like a part of a possible bigger UI improvement we can have in the future.

Absolutely correct on this one^

Thanks Mark!