Sign out (stop insync) just for one account and on a specific computer

Is there a way to Sign out (stop insync) just for one account and on a specific computer ?
I ask this for security reasons. My account (on each computer I use) is protected by a password but if someone, for one reason or another, can have access to my account, he can destroy all my datas on googledrive.

Thank you in advance for any help or any answer

Hi there, your mentioned use case is not yet possible, however, you can opt to remove the account by accessing ACCOUNT SETTINGS on your app but this will stop the sync and might cause problems with your files.

I will take this as a feature request and will let you know if it’s available :smile:

Ok thank you for the information.
I was on vacation, sorry for my late answer.
Too bad this is not possible because it would be really good for security and it is perhaps not too difficult to achieve (?).
What I did was to ask googledrive to reject the application Insync so it stops the access to googledrive for Insync on every computer. Then it seems that you have (on each computer) to put the password of the corresponding google account (2 for me) to restore the synchronization without any trouble (?). Is it true ? because I do it on a computer with windows and another with Ubuntu.
it’s a little heavy but it’s better than nothing.

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This request is now six years old. Have you developed this feature yet?
Basically, I want to be able to “Pause” a single account. Currently you can only pause all syncing for all accounts.

Hi @Jimbo, we haven’t developed this feature but will bring this up with our Product Team once more. We don’t have a public roadmap for feature requests yet; however, the more voices we can add to a request, the more pressing the issue and the more attention it will get from the engineers. :slight_smile: You did the right thing by bumping this thread :slight_smile:

One more bump!
This is a really simple feature at the top of each account “a pause button” as well as at app level.

The reason for this feature goes beyond the OP request ("someone destorys the cloud version)
but also the ability to stop a sync on a folder and then re-enable would allow insync to re-check that folder to ensure it is correct.

I ask for this because of numerous folders out of sync with missing files.

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Thank you for bumping this feature request, @Jamie_Browning! I have also sent this to our Product Team for consideration.

One more bump! It would be very very useful to have a “pause button” for each account.

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Thank you for adding your +1 to this feature request, @franz!

Count in another bump. I just searched for this and was disappointed to find it could not be done.

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Hi, I would need this feature too. In particular, I need to sign out from a device for security reasons, to try to achieve it I uninstalled the application and reinstalled it but it still logged me in automatically. This laptop will be available to other people in the next month, and this feature is simple to implement…

Let us know if you achieve it please.

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