Slow Google Drive uploads

I noticed that Insync is uploading 1-2 files concurrently, at most. It shows it’s uploading 10 files but the progress bar is showing that only 1-2 files are uploaded (I suspect it’s even 1 file at each time).

How can I speed this up? I need to upload 800k files and it’s already running for 4 days now with no end in sight.

I had another Insync license for OneDrive (installed previously) that I tried to remove many times but, upon restart Insync, it would always show up again (even after I removed its base folder).

To fix that problem, I decided to delete all Insync directories ($HOME/{.config,.cache,.local/share}/Insync) and start from scratch (while keeping the Google Drive folder around).

After configuring Insync from scratch for Google Drive, I see it’s uploading 10-12 files at once and not 1-2 as before.

Insync is back to uploading 1 file each time.

I’m out of ideas, I’ll look for a different sync solution.

Hi! Sending this here as well from our email thread:

Upon checking, it looks like Insync came across multiple rate limit errors based on the log files.

In other words: there were too many activities going on within that period of time that it’s reached it max capacity for said period. It normally sorts itself out but it can take some time depending on how big the transfer (aka sync job) is.

Any time you’re syncing a large data set, it is likely that Insync is busy scanning the local folder initially and is not getting around data transfer just yet. I would suggest not to pause-resume or restart the app frequently as that puts Insync back to a scanning state (and therefore, delayed data transfers).

Another thing I would suggest is to upload/download in smaller chunks, if possible. If it’s an upload, move some folders out of the sync location to reduce traffic and put them back in batches.