Slow Scanning at Startup on Ubuntu, not Fedora

Hello people,
I’ve been using Insync v. 3.8.7 to sync OneDrive on a Laptop with Ubuntu 22.04 (ext4 partition).
Until yesterday, I had Fedora 39 (btrfs partition) on the same laptop; with that distro, startup scanning was very, very fast.

Can the partition type be the cause that Insync takes up to 5 minutes to scan all my files that are synced on the disk?

Or is it slower on Ubuntu than on Fedora?
I changed the distro, but … I can’t wait forever to have my files “ready” with Insync.


Hi @IoSonoPiero, let me ask our engineer regarding this so we can see if it’s a behavior exclusive on Ubuntu 22.04. Is there any chance you’ve also used the ext4 partition on the Fedora 39 setup and/or the btrfs partition on Ubuntu?

Hello Mia,
On Fedora 39, I’ve always used Btrfs.
It’s my first “time” with ext4 and Ubuntu.

I haven’t enabled Btrfs on Ubuntu because I’m a newbie and don’t know how to set up partitions correctly yet.

So, I’ve used the default configuration and chose Ext4.

What about trying to use a VM with Fedora and one with Ubuntu, testing the time spent doing the first scan on reboot? I don’t know how much is comparable to real-world use.

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Hello @IoSonoPiero! As per our engineer, syncing on Ubuntu should be fine (aka not slow).

May I ask if you changed your OS to Ubuntu 22.04, and then copied the files to that setup then started Insync? Or did you use an existing partition with your files/data in it then used it with Insync? For reference, scanning for the first time may take longer in such cases.

Hello Mia,
I’ll try to explain my situation better.
On my Laptop, I’ve been using Insync for six months on Fedora 39 on a Btrfs encrypted partition.
At boot, after the login, Insync took about 45 seconds to scan 3,5GB of files and folders.
One week ago, I switched to Ubuntu 22.04 (Tuxedo OS because my Laptop is a Tuxedo machine).
I formatted everything, of course, using my Laptop on an Ext4 encrypted partition.
At boot, after the login, Insync took about five minutes to scan the same 3,5GB of files and folder.
I hope I explained myself well.

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Hi! Thank you for sharing more details about your machine setups. Sent this to our engineer for their input, and I’ll circle back to you as soon as I have an update from him. :slight_smile: Thank you very much!

Hello Mia, I did some experiments.
Using a Btrfs partition, the initial scan is done in 75 seconds.
It is much better, but not to be compared to Fedora with Btrfs, which is much faster.

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Hi @IoSonoPiero! Thank you for this additional information and for testing the btrfs partition on the Ubuntu 22.04 machine. I will add this to the report and update this thread accordingly!