Slow sync Fedora 34

I’m new to Insync so maybe this is normal. Hopefully someone can let me know. I’ve tried browsing these forums to find similar problems with the only thing I found was some issues about 2 years ago with Insync only syncing 2 items at a time or something but that’s not my problem where I’m getting 12 items to sync at a time.

My problem is the syncing is painfully slow. It’s downloading at around 100kb/s but my internet speed is much faster than that at around 80megabit on my last speedtest check so I should be able to download at around 5mb/s at least.

I’m running Insync on Fedora 34 on Dell XPS15 7590 - i9, 32Gb RAM.

I just had an interesting development on this issue.

I switched ON my vpn and now the sync has sped up to downloading really fast.

How bizarre! I can only imagine that my ISP is throttling google drive.

Hi @JediBrooker! This is definitely an interesting update indeed!

Were you syncing a few large files, many small files, or a mix of both?

It was a combo of both. It was my first sync after installing so I was trying to sync my entire catalogue of files which is about 20Gb.

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Okay let me get this info to our engineers. Could you also send me your logs.db and out.txt to plese? Those 2 files should be in ~/.config/Insync :slight_smile:

We’ll check if there’s anything there that would lead us to connect the sync to activating a VPN.