Smart Sync: Linux + Google Drive?

Hi there - I am curious as to whether there is an option yet to have a “smart sync” like option for InSync + GDrive?

My use case is I’d like to use GDrive for most of my documents and files, but then have a lite copy on my linux laptop. I can see the files and if I choose to open them it syncs at that time.

I can choose which folders to already have synced locally.

Similar to Dropbox style on Windows. I also know that Nextcloud has this as an experimental feature for Linux too.

Really helpful to strike the balance between access to files and storage space on laptop.

Thanks, John

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Hi @johnnyfleet! :slight_smile: Right now, we don’t have that similar feature yet. Users can still browse through their files via the app window itself. Did you want to see the files, as in preview them without syncing/downloading a local copy?

Hi @miamoran. Yes.

Essentially I’d like to have the Insync app behind the scenes. On a new linux laptop installation I’d like to install and then choose the gdrive to sync with and a local folder. Then from there the sync has shortcuts to the files, which when opened sync at that time.

I could choose which files/folders I proactively vs. reactively sync so they are available offline ahead of time.

The main reason here is I’m using GDrive to store years of documents and records which add up in size. I don’t want them all syncrhonised to my local laptop as it takes up too much space - but would like to automatically sync a 2022 folder of documents and then have quick access to all the historical data on-demand as a I need it. All synched through InSync so its all available on Gdrive in near real time.

Thanks, John

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That makes sense. Thank you so much for sharing your workflow in great detail! Let me forward this to our Product Team. :slight_smile: