Snooze & Mute Notification Popups

I like having notifications enabled and am fine with notification bubbles, sounds, etc. However when someone is doing major updating to a share I would love the ability to just mute indefinitely until I unmute again or have that along with the ability to mute the notification from appearing or sounding for a predetermined set of times, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 24 hours or something along those lines.


You can disable pop-up notifications by hovering your mouse on the “. . .” (upper right corner of your Insync app). Click Preferences > uncheck “Show pop-up notifications”. :slight_smile: Let me know if your notifications still show so I can assist you further!

Being able to temporarily mute/snooze notifications is a very useful feature, especially since the pandemic hit and working from home skyrocketed.

Currently there’s a lot of file updates going on and the notifications are distracting. I can disable them, but I need to remember to enable them later, and this creates more mental load.

Being able to “Snooze notifications” a-la Dropbox style would be really very useful. An example can be seen below:


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Thank you for sending me your feedback, @bayindirh! Let me forward this to our product team as a feature request :slight_smile: