Social networks of Insync don't receive updates

I’m thinking about purchase a license of Insync.

But I was searching for more info from Insync and I perceived that social networks of this company weren’t updated in the last year.

The project is maintained yet? The company is health?
To me, the product price is expensive (from the POV of a Brazilian with a shit salary) … and I don’t wanna expend money in a product that isn’t well mantained or its company isn’t active.

Official social network profiles without updates:

Hi @felipehw!

Thank you for checking in! We decided to take a step back from social media engagement and focus on in-house support when communicating with our users (like Forums, email, and chat). I’ll let our team know so we can perhaps make that more visible so as not to mislead people if Insync is still being maintained. :slight_smile:

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