[SOLVED] Getting a 'Personal Sync (+Backup Trial): xx days' notice?

I don’t understand what this is; it’s indicating I have 12 days left on this trial, but I thought I was fully licensed and good to go. ( Can someone clarify what’s going on here and whether this is expected?


I am getting this as well, it was supposed to be FULL licence, WTF IS GOING ON

THIS CRAP is going to drive me crazy.
I ve paid the 10$ for the upgrade still “For this plan with unlimited accounts, you can directly add your accounts by logging in on the Insync app.” that DOES NOT WORK, the app says : I am on "personal sync + backup trial 11 " but no worries, this will escalated with the paypal

Full device backup introduced in 3.7.0 is a paid upgrade, if you want to use it. InSync gave 15 day trial to test it out to see if you want to. If the answer is no, no biggies, nothing is degraded.

Your previously paid licenses are eternal and are unlimited. New big features are paid add-ons, that’s all.

It might have been communicated a little better, maybe an advance e-mail or something similar, but there’s nothing sinister is going on.

See the new pricing page. There are two plans: “Sync & Backup” and “Sync Only”. Our licenses are Sync only, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Thanks for the reply but sorry this is “fishy” on my online account I ve asked to upgrade to personal ($10 price for “me”) , I did it just to I had no other option to continue to sync , still the app says I am on effin trial “Personal Sync (+ Backup trial) : 11 days left”
so Ive paid $10 for … 11 days ??? are we kidding each other now?

After 11 days, your “Backup Trial” will expire. Not your other license. I started to use InSync when it was in “paid per account” model. I still have an unused slot, they honor that.

I have a developer license for some time, and I also have 11 days remaining for Backup trial. My core license, Developer Sync will not expire. It didn’t expire since the time I bought it, and it won’t. This is not how InSync business model works.

When I was upgrading the current model, I just paid the difference. Again, no fishiness, nothing. This time, if I want to buy “Backup” feature, the web page states that I’ll just pay the difference again.

InSync may be anything, but they’re not fishy. This is what I’ve seen over the years.

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sağol abi , but the way the app is displays that message is uber crap , should be something like “Personal Sync (Backup trial for 11 days)” for f*cks shake.

It can be communicated better, so there’s that. You’re right.


I’m not even running 3.7.0 (the version reports as 3.6.1, as noted in my initial post), so this message makes even less sense. I can’t trial a feature that isn’t even in my local version.

It’s released 2-3 days ago. It’s very fresh.
I was in front of my computer when license change occurred, and seen the notifications, so I investigated immediately.

I downloaded the latest version from the web (it wasn’t in the repositories yet), and there was a new backup feature. Also the pricing on the web page has been changed.

Hi all,

We understand how confusing these changes have been in the last few days. To give more context on what happened: we released an email announcement regarding the Backup feature where we explain what went on as well as where to get the newest version (auto updates coming soon). We apologize for the confusion that this has caused.

@bayindirh is 100% right - the previously paid plan will not be affected and we did not take anything out of what you have paid for in the past. If you’re not interested to use Backup, you may let the trial days run its course and use Insync as you normally would.

We take responsibility that this should have been communicated on the app UI more clearly, as it will seem to many users that it was reverted to a trial. We take this feedback seriously and will be discussing with our team to prevent this from happening in the future.

Thank you so much for reaching out, we truly appreciate all of you.

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Hi Mia,

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. The thing is I didn’t get the relevant e-mail (just checked everywhere including Junk/Spam), so this might have created the confusion you might not have intended.

I’ve just seen the license change notification while I was in front of my computer, and decided to investigate, and collected the pieces myself. I had no prior knowledge to these features.

Thanks for taking the time and answering this thread,

Wish you and whole team a happy new year,



I didn’t get the email either, and I also thought something bad was happening with my account.

Please do a better job communicating account changes (or perceived changes) going forward.

@bayindirh @Bill_Miller I see! Thanks so much for letting me know. Moving forward, we’ll work on communicating these types of changes in-app rather than mainly relying on the emails we send out. It seems like other users have also reached out about this, hence the confusion.

I appreciate you!! :slight_smile: Please don’t hesitate to reply or email us (support@insynchq.com) if you need anything else :grin: Stay healthy and safe!!

Honestly, the trial shouldn’t have even started until the v3.7 update was installed, because now if I wait until the repos are updated with the v3.7 my trial will have run out and I miss out on the opportunity to even try the feature and decide if I want to upgrade or not. Pretty strange to start a trial on a version that can’t even take advantage of it, and very confusing how it displays a trial message even when you’ve actually got a paid plan.

Like others have said, the messaging on this is confusing, and I also don’t have the 3.7 update yet so I presumably won’t be able to even try this feature during the trial period.

From what I read on the pricing page, it sounds as if it’s effectively a selective sync type function? I can, for instance, have a folder that I mark as online only or something similar and it’ll remove them from my local device but still be available on the cloud/other devices? If so it’s worth it, in my opinion/use case, but I didn’t see any good explanation of this feature in my browsing and without 3.7 I can’t try it to know if I understand it right.

Hi Mia,

This is a bit of a concern for me. I use Insync to sync content to my laptop selectively. One of the accounts I sync is a work account, and there is some sensitivity around how that data is accessed and protected. Arbitrarily adding me to a “trial” that backs stuff up is a major concern! Where is that data backed up? How is it secured? Who has access to it? Is it encrypted at rest? who has they encryption keys?

There are so many concerns here and I’m frankly astounded to find I’ve been opted in to a feature that I didn’t have a chance to examine or have a chance to say “no thanks” to.

Please opt me out ASAP, and please make sure any backups are securely erased to DoD standards. I’d very much like confirmation of that in writing, please.

And, please, in future ask me if I want to participate in a trial before you turn it on!

Hi all,

Please reach out to us via email (support@insynchq.com) if you would like to request an extension of your trial due to the reasons stated above. We will honor such requests to ensure that you get a chance to try it out should you want to.

The build is available here: https://www.insynchq.com/downloads (and to follow on the repositories). Let me know if you have any apprehensions downloading it from the website rather than updating via repo.

@Stephen-McKay Hello! Thank you for taking the time to write to us and express your sentiments. I have taken note of your feedback regarding asking users before activating a trial on any part of our product.

The backup trial will not affect how you have been using Insync before it was released. If you haven’t done any backups, then you can disregard the trial period (no backups would need to be erased in that case).

I will request our engineer to disable the trial for you. Do you mind reaching out to me via email (support@insynchq.com) and let me know which account/s you’re using on the app?