[Solved] Insync selective sync two folders only from command line

Insync is started, syncing is paused. Now I want to sync only two folders, rest should be left for other time.

insync-headless start
insync-headless pause_syncing
insync-headless add_account auth_code path

Now I would like to remove all folders from syncing and let only two selected to sync.

insync-headless set_selective_sync file_id yes
insync-headless set_selective_sync file_id yes

Deselecting folders one by one would require to run multiple time with known file_id. How to do it less tedious and troublesome?

The only reasonably solution which came to my mind is:
insync-headless get_root_drive_files
parse output to get file_id and each of them mark with set_selective_sync as not synchronized.
Only for two folders mentioned at beginning - leave them as selected.

Honestly - some parameter for deactivating synchronization for whole Google Drive account would be far more useful and helpful.

@T4ng10r Please take a look at the manage_selective_sync command as well. But your solution also works.

I was looking for CLI command to do it. If I understand correctly - manage_selective_sync is a interactive tool. And I need command which I will place in automated script.

@T4ng10r I see. Yes, it is an interactive dialog. There are no plans yet to implement this functionality, apologies.

good afternoon,
is it possible to use command line in windows ?

Thank you

@Federico_Rango: Command line is only available for Linux currently.