Some files in folder being ignored

I’m having trouble with a few folders on one of my Windows machines. Some of the files that I place in a folder are not being synced. The entire folder has been selected for syncing, but it’s not picking up all the files. Also, in some cases when it syncs a file to other machines, it shows a file size of zero.

Any suggestions?

@gtrusler Do you see any error message when syncing? Please send us your logs.db and out.txt file to Also, please include this support post for faster reference.

Thank you.

I’m not seeing any error messages. I sent the requested files.

@gtrusler @RoaldCasildo

I have exactly the same problem. My folder has 77 PDF files, and only a couple of dozens were synced back to my local computer. Everything is there on Google Drive cloud though. The whole Insync folder was set to sync, and I can see all the file names showing up with green ticks in front of them, just they are not sync-ed back to the folder. I didn’t have this problem when using the native Google Drive app before.

FYI: I’m on Mac Yosemite, the folder I’m trying to sync has PDF journal articles with relatively long names (not sure whether that might have caused the problem), and it was created as part of Paperpile citation plug-in for Chrome.

Some examples of file names that sync-ed:

  • Ankers and Jones 2009 - Objective assessment of circadian activity and sleep patterns in individuals at behavioural risk of hypomania.pdf
  • Ari and Shulman 2012 - Pathways of sleep, affect, and stress constellati … he first year of college - Transition difficulties of emerging adults.pdf

Some examples of file names that didn’t sync:

  • Bijlenga et al. 2013 - Body temperature, activity and melatonin profiles … cit - hyperactivity disorder and delayed sleep - a case-control study.pdf
  • Bonnet and Alter 1982 - Effects of irregular versus regular sleep schedules on performance, mood and body temperature.pdf

Many thanks!

@BeiWiley Thanks for reporting it. Can you also send us your logs?

I have cc’d our engineers who will respond @dipesh @jimperio