Starting in a Paused mode

Can Insync now be loaded in a paused mode?

Hi! This is currently not implemented. What would be your case in having this paused mode upon startup? :slight_smile:

Hi Mia,

The reason is so I can check that everything is OK in my synching. I have had times where things were being deleted or I had made changes I wanted to test or check. Having the option to start in paused mode is important. Not all of us require constant or continuous synching. Thanks!

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I will forward this request to our engineers, @rwstarkey! Thank you for sharing this.

Hey @rwstarkey-- as an update: one workaround here is to pause Insync just before you turn off your computer. When that happens it will start in a paused mode. Let me know if this works with you in the meantime!

I hope that if this paused mode is implemented, it will be optional for users, if I put the program to start with the system, I want it to be synchronizing as soon as it starts.


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It should definitely be an option. Also a one-way synchronize is another option I need. Good Sync and Cloud HQ both offer this. I prefer Insync for some tasks however, but this option is not offered yet.