Stop local folder syncing and remove cloud copy

Not sure if I’m missing something here. I have some symlinks that failed to synchronise (two-way) as warned under Errors. Now I’m trying to stop them synchronising without losing my local copy. I can’t find out how to do this.

When I press the button on the desktop interface to stop the two-way sync I’m warned that I’ll lose the local copy but keep it in the cloud. I just want to exclude this folder from the synchronisation process which should be no big deal.


Hey @impracticaldogg!

Could you go to the Errors tab and click the dropdown menu beside the symlink error/prompt? Ideally, users should be able to dismiss that without affecting the local symlinks, because it would not be synced up to the cloud on the get-go.

You may send a screenshot of it here should you need further guidance. :slight_smile:

The machine with the local symlinks seems to have the errors resolved. I’ll check the other ones when I have a moment.


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No problem @impracticaldogg :slight_smile: