Streaming instead of syncing?

Hi there, i been using google drive window client that supports both options to stream(doesn’t use space in windows) or sync (that stores files also in windows) with stream mode.

Now given my laptop not suitable to be upgraded to windows 11 (without using “tricks”) and evaluating move out of windows and install a linux distro.

I think insync supports all or partial sync by copying all or selected folders into local pc.

My questions is:
Does insync supports streaming mode in linux?

Thanks ~

Hi @emanueol!

Insync does not have a streaming feature. You can instead view all your files via the Insync UI, then selectively sync your files so a local copy is created on your file manager.

May I know how you see yourself using the streaming feature? This would help us determine how useful this is for our users for future feature development :slight_smile:

Oh pitty then… as a senior developer my folders have too many files and sub-folders so even select folder would be syncronizing too many files or sub-folders.

But main reason i prefer streaming, its security reasons since nothing stays in laptop disk, shall my laptop gets lost or stolen my files not lost/stolen.

But your service supports google drive full or select mirror already, is there plans to support google drive streaming as well? bit like doing what windows google drive client does… it allows us to either mirror full/selection or streaming?

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Hi @emanueol! While we do not have streaming in our list of features to develop yet, I’m happy to forward this to our engineers so they can further understand the importance of such features for users like you.

Let me know if you’d like to add any further input from your end and I’ll be happy to accommodate!