Streaming instead of syncing?

Hi there, i been using google drive window client that supports both options to stream(doesn’t use space in windows) or sync (that stores files also in windows) with stream mode.

Now given my laptop not suitable to be upgraded to windows 11 (without using “tricks”) and evaluating move out of windows and install a linux distro.

I think insync supports all or partial sync by copying all or selected folders into local pc.

My questions is:
Does insync supports streaming mode in linux?

Thanks ~

Hi @emanueol!

Insync does not have a streaming feature. You can instead view all your files via the Insync UI, then selectively sync your files so a local copy is created on your file manager.

May I know how you see yourself using the streaming feature? This would help us determine how useful this is for our users for future feature development :slight_smile:

Oh pitty then… as a senior developer my folders have too many files and sub-folders so even select folder would be syncronizing too many files or sub-folders.

But main reason i prefer streaming, its security reasons since nothing stays in laptop disk, shall my laptop gets lost or stolen my files not lost/stolen.

But your service supports google drive full or select mirror already, is there plans to support google drive streaming as well? bit like doing what windows google drive client does… it allows us to either mirror full/selection or streaming?

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Hi @emanueol! While we do not have streaming in our list of features to develop yet, I’m happy to forward this to our engineers so they can further understand the importance of such features for users like you.

Let me know if you’d like to add any further input from your end and I’ll be happy to accommodate!

It’s been some time since this post I guess, but I wanted to chime in to say that the streaming feature is an incredibly useful feature to have. The way I see myself using it, is to just point a local “mount point” at my google drive (which has a lot of data all over the drive that I don’t want to necessarily download to my local machine), and sync files from google drive to a (possibly limited) cache as and when I access them. It’s almost like a network mount with a local cache that gets periodically synced. The google drive desktop app (for mac) has this, but unfortunately lacks features such as disabling syncing of certain file types, etc., which is why I was looking at InSync.

I’d ideally like to have my existing files in google drive show up on my local machine and then, as I add new files/folders, have it maintain sync with google drive, minus some folders/files such as .git subfolders (that I exclude from sync), etc.

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Thank you for adding your vote to this feature! I will be relaying all your feedback and requests to our engineers so we can line up the next features that we will be developing in the future. I cannot promise anything right now, but these kinds of posts (providing how useful the feature would be, for example) are extremely helpful in understanding its importance to our users’ workflow, and therefore increases the possibility of including it in our engineer’s pipeline.

Hi, @mia, to add my vote as well as my use case to this:

I am assistant director for a theater production that developed the characters and script during the ongoing production and to support this, we recorded all of our rehearsals on video and made them available to the cast and crew on my Google Drive.
I always used to mirror my Google cloud to my PC storage, but since all the video files (as our production draws to a close) are clocking in at about 1.2 TB, I had to switch to streaming mode on Windows, since I don’t have that much space available right now.
Having recently switched to EndeavourOS, I found Insync to be far and away the best client to replace Google’s Backup & Sync app, but due to the absence of streaming mode, I can not use it in practice right now. Since the Google Drive quota can go up to - I believe - 30 TB and I can see many people having storage extension as one of their primary reasons for using a cloud service anyway, I think there’s a solid case for streaming mode as a priority feature to be implemented.

Thanks for your support and for taking this with you to your engineers! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for describing your use case here, @Mark! I can definitely see how much more convenient it’ll be to have this kind of feature available in your workflow!

I’ve added your vote to our feature request funnel and will let our team know how this continues to be one of the most strongly requested features.

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