Stuck in "Scanning for Changes" - Not Syncing


Hi, I just purchased InSync for Mac and added my google account. I’m using an external drive.
The app is stuck in “Scanning for changes” and no activity, nothing uploads/downloads.

I’m running macOS Sierra version 10.12.6 (16G29) on a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016)

I’ve restarted my computer, logged out, logged back in, uninstalled and reinstalled InSync 3 times already and nothing happens.

Please help!


It’s probably really just “scanning for changes”, i.e. indexing your local files + retrieving cloud file metadata + building your local file comparison database. It can take a long time (without uploading / downloading) if you have a large number of files.

You might want to send your log.db to the support team to be sure it’s not a bug.


How long is that supposed to take? The regular Google Drive Mac APP immediately synced everything in less than two hours for all my files but I want to use an external drive, so I got InSync and it has been “queueing” for more than 12 hours now, with nothing to show for either on the G Drive or my local drive. Is this normal?


It is one of my problems too. Takes too long, but it depends to how much files you have.

Here, with 900mi files, something like 30Gb of data, took almost 4 days to scanning. More 5 days until now (dind’t finish yet) to upload all synced files (because it’s just 2 per time).

I think this is a problem, but after this will be ok to keep synced.


Thanks Adriano, yes this thing keeps on going, it’s extremely frustrating as I needed to have this all synced two days ago. I’m thinking of just going back to regular google drive and ask for a refund. Does tech support read this forum? How can we reach them?


Yes, I see some of them here often.

I have a problem with regular GDrive, 'cause it’s keeping crashing (probably because too many files at once). See, Insync isn’t a bad software, it’s good, but the first sync is too slow.

After finish that “scanning for changes”, the sync will start at good rate, just limited as 2.

I think (and expect) that regular sync will be normal.


Same exact problem. I installed and set it up to just sync one folder. It’s stuck on “scanning for changes”, and that folder never appears