Stuck on "Scanning..."

Windows 10. Insync Reinstalled Insync. Stuck on “Scanning…” on a file that I haven’t touched in a long time. When I close and open Insync, it happens with a different file.

EDIT: Fixed in


Same problem.
Windows 10
Insync version:

Are there any errors / actions required items? If so, please clear them and see if Insync progresses then.

If you can and have the time to do so, please keep a copy of the logs every 10 mins (while scanning is stuck), with at least 2 sets of logs and send it to us for verification (for example, one saved at 1pm and the next at 1:10pm). We will investigate by examining the activity between the two logs to see what Insync was busy with during that time.

The logs.db and out.txt files can be found when you type in %appdata%\Insync on the Windows search bar. Please send that to with the link to this post.