Stuck on syncing metadata

Hi all,

If you are experiencing syncing metadata issue on occasions other than just after the starting or resuming Insync, kindly send to us the compressed copy of the dbs folder (present next to the logs.db file) along with the logs. Create the copy of the dbs folder while Insync is running and stuck.

Our findings so far have been as follows:

  1. It happens upon the start if there are large number of files being sync’d locally - Insync gets busy scanning the local folder for changes on priority and transfers are deferred. This issue gets aggravated if the Insync folder is on a network drive or if Insync is paused & resumed or if Insync folder goes missing & is reinstated. We are working on improving this behaviour.

  2. Sometimes, making changes to certain drive files/folders (and for some users, even browsing a file/folder online on Google Drive web) triggers a lot of metadata changes in the Google Drive feed. This makes Insync go to “Syncing metadata…” state. We haven’t been able to replicate it for any of our accounts but we have observed this on users’ machine during remote desktop support session and confirmed it through their Insync databases. This could be an issue at Google’s end as well. Our finding so far is that this is folder/file specific issue (i.e. it happens when changing/browsing certain files/folders in an account) but we haven’t been able to make any further progress on it.

  3. In two reports, it has been reported that Insync is stuck and 1) & 2) do not apply. We are seeking further info from the users to see what exactly happened in their case.



My Insync is now working again on my Debian Server. I think the problem will come again when I login to my Debian KDE desktop. Currently it runs using Insync headless.
I did not do anything except reboot my server and did not login to the KDE desktop. So it runs in the background

Awesome :slight_smile: If anything we could assist you with, just send us an email to

Having the same issue - stuck on syncing metdata too. This is on a server that I can not restart to see if that will fix the error. Is there a way to fix this without a reboot (if that will help)

I will email link to my db files too.

I have forwarded your email to our Windows engineer. :smile:

@dipesh How should I send my db zip files to you regarding this issue

@Dan_Rempel If the zip files are more than 25 MB in size, then upload it to google drive web and share it to

@dipesh I am expecting a similar issue on windows. Can you tell me where to find the db and logs file on windows?

I am having the same issue on two separate machines. Please advise what I should do to correct.

I have forwarded your logs to our engineer.

I am also encountering this. Please advise.

Thank you!

Note: Out.txt and have been sent to

@Ariel_Landau Sent your logs.db and out.txt file to ur engineer. He’ll get in touch with you soon. Thank you for your patience.

I also seem to be having the same issue.
1.2.17 on Windows 10

edit: now working

@Nathan_B What did you do? Does it just work after few reboots?

I’ve been stuck on synching metadata for a week now. Please help!

Is their a proper way to log a support ticket on this? Or is this forum the only way to get things fixed? I’m a business subscriber.

Please send us your logs.db and out.txt file to Also, include the link of this post.

Thank you.

I too am suffering from this problem. I’ve sent through logs (yesterday) and a link to this thread but as yet have had no response. Could do with some input on this as it’s seriously affecting our workflow.

I have forwarded your logs to our engineer. He’ll get back to you soon.

Hi, I’m exeriencing the same issue on Win10. Sent logs and link to this thread.

I have forwarded your email to our engineer. :slight_smile: