Sub folder syncing stopped working


I have sync new children and partial folders have stopped automatically syncing. If i open the folder via the file manager interface it will then start syncing but its no longer doing this automatically.

I’m running High sierra 10.13.6

Update: I’ve just updated to the new 1.5 and the issue is persistent.


Hey @gingerdan,

Thanks for reaching out. :slight_smile: Can you kindly explain the steps you take when syncing your files so I can better assess the situation?


Hi Gregory,

I have set the root folder set to sync partial folders (one i’ve selected). I have full read write permissions on that root folder too. I have a number of the folders set to sync entire folder within the root. My expectation with sync children will be any new file added to a synced folder will automatically sync up to the cloud and then back do a second machine automatically. Likewise all new folders should automatically sync.

The current behaviour is that if a colleague (who is also on insync, in the dame domain as me, and has the same folder permissions) saves a file to a folder it doesnt sync to my machine. I have to go into the file directory via insync, go to the sub folder that the file is in and only when that is opened do the contents of that folder update and sync. This happens without me needing to select the file and sync.

Happy to upload log files if this would help. Not sure where to send this though. The google drive set up we have hasnt changed since we started using insync 4 years ago,


Hey @gingerdan,

Thanks for the info! If I understood correctly, you and your colleague have been using this workflow for the past few years and it’s been working with Insync? If that’s the case, could you kindly send us your log files at along with a link to this topic so our engineer can review?

Also, if it helps we just released our 1.5 update! You can try updating and see if it solves your issue. You can download it here! :slight_smile:


Hi @Gregory
Ive sent the logs to support. I had previously upgraded to 1.5 but this hadnt fixed the issue unfortunately.

Hope you can help