Support for Thunar

Hello! I would ask why is Thunar support taking so long?

Thunar is my only archive manager (with graphical interface) and I want the integration which will be so cool.

Any planning to when will it be ready? Currently I am using Manjaro so needs to have support for Python 3 or specify the Python version.



I am waiting for thunar plugin , too!!!

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Hi! So sorry for the late response! :frowning:

We’ve escalated this to our Linux team and bringing back Thunar integration soon. :slight_smile:

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After two months still no functional insync3 thunar plugin!!! Why???

We’ve developed this a few weeks ago :slight_smile:

It’s working for Fedora. What OS are you on?

Did you read endless complains on this forum regarding Insync thunar plugin for Ubuntu and Linux Mint??? I suppose NOT??!! On Ubuntu based distros Thunar plugin does not work at all!!! Do you know that? Or you just pretend that everything regarding Thunar support is all right???

I am a bit tired by your terrible support philosophy, really!

Hi Michal,

I understand your frustration regarding this long-standing issue and I appreciate your follow-ups with us. :slight_smile: We’re working on this to resolve plugin dependencies for Debian-based distros and are working closely with our Linux team to resolve this as soon as possible.