Support for Ubuntu 19.04


I just installed Ubuntu 19.04 and discovered that, while the Ubuntu 18.10 version successfully installs, it fails to work properly, and I can no longer sync my Google Drive files with my Ubuntu 19.04 PC.


Hi @kkruecke,

Thank you for bringing this up! Our Linux team is working on releasing a version for 19.04 soon. What sync issues are you encountering when using the 18.10 build?


Any updates on a release for 19.04?


The Ubuntu 18.10 version successfully installed on Ubuntu 19.04, but failed to properly sync my Google Drive files. It only downloaded around twenty or thirty files (out of over a thousand), placing all of these few files in the main Insync folder. Not one of my Google Drive subdirectories was ever created.


Hi, I’m interested in Ubuntu 19.04 support
Are the packages available?


did you start insync in a terminal? Is there any error? is it the newest version you installed?

did you choose your Files and subdirectories in the menu …the three points… or at beginning?

I use insync on manjaro linux, which is a rolling release, also with the newest updates from today.


I’ve just bought my Team Dream sync licence… just before upgrading from Ubuntu 18.10 to 19.04 and discover that there isn’t yet the right package.
I really hope to have again the possibility to sync my files: I decided to buy Insync because I need it for job.



I can confirrm that on a fresh Ubuntu 19.04 the .deb file sync fine but is missing the nautilus integration, because - I think - there are no disco dingo repos available atm


Hi everyone!

Installing our 18.04 build on 19.04 should have no problems at the moment.

We’re working on the 19.04 build and we’ll let you know once that has been released.


19.04 version seems to be working fine. Thx.