Support for Ubuntu 20.10 groovy gorilla

Support for Ubuntu 20.10 groovy gorilla would be swell.

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Letting our Linux team know-- we have indeed been getting more emails about this. Thanks for the +1 @mightyiam!!

In the meantime, could you change groovy to focal in the meantime, and let me know if that works?

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Yes, the focal repository seems to work on groovy.

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The current insync for Ubuntu 20.10 download link is downloading the focal version. Is this correct?

Hi @Nano, is this on the webpage or the forums release for 3.3.1? For the first one-- we have only done a Forums release so the webpage and repo have not been updated. If it’s the latter, I have reached out to clarify with our engineers :slight_smile:

@miamoran on the insync homepage.

Hi @Nano, ah-- we haven’t released it at the time you posted. It has already been released though, do check it out :slight_smile: We’ll update the APT/YUM repos next to include 3.3.1. Thank you!