doesn't work and my messages are rejected

What’s happening?

Is that in response to my email thread that the application doesn’t work for me? - Seems rude, considering that I was not rude or abusive. I’ve been rather patiently hoping the issues are getting addressed and offering my help with testing and debugging.

Sadly, no real answer from Mia…


Just got a promo email for headless sync but gives “An unexpected error has occured. We’ve been notified and will try to fix this as soon as we can.” grr… facepalm.

Is the elephant in the room - growing memory leak addressed yet?

Hi Matt! This is in the priority list and our Mac team is working on it.

Can you walk me through what you were doing prior to getting that error?

Hi @Chris_Matenaers,

We never block or reject any user and I am terribly sorry it made you feel this way! Let me reach out to our platform provider to see what’s up. For reference, here’s my response 11 and 7 days ago, respectively: