Sycing one small file to linux centOS 7 is slow



i have linux centOS 7 with insync version installed and my typical use case is that I generate one file in my laptop, e.g. a small MSWord file, into the Google Drive folder managed by Google Drive File Stream. This gets immediately synchronized to Google Drive (as I can see through the web interface) but it takes several minutes for insync to download it to the linux centOS 7. the app says “downloading” but it takes several minutes to start the download. once it starts is fast because the file is small.

is there any way or configuration in which sycing ONE SMALL file can be made fast?




Hi @robertc,

Do you mind checking if closing Drive File Stream speeds up the sync process? Ideally, users will need to choose just one syncing client at a time to avoid any conflicts.

Let me know if the issue persists. Thank you!


Hi @miamoran,

Drive File Stream is installed in my laptop (macbook pro retina 13") running macOS Sierra and in the laptop i only have Drive File Stream, i do not have insync in the laptop. i only have insync in my linux box running centOS 7. Drive File Stream synchronizes immediately this one file from my laptop to Google Drive, as i can see in the browser with the Google Drive opened. The problem is, as i see perceive it, that insync does not download immediately this one file from the cloud of Google Drive to the linux file system.




Hi @robertc,

Sorry for the inconvenience! Can you please try upgrading to 1.5.5 and switching network connections to see if this improves the download speed from Google Drive to your Linux machine? :slight_smile:


Hi @miamoran

i have updated to the latest version and the problem persists. I do not think there is a problem with our network connection because I have no problem downloading files in general. let me give a very specific example of the problem using this latest version of insync. I go to my laptop (macOS Sierra) and create a text file called ‘test.txt’ with the word “test”, in the Google Drive folder. This file is only 50 bytes large. The Drive File Stream software running on macOS Sierra syncs this file immediately to the Google Drive, i can see immediately this file through the browser in my linux box showing my Google Drive. in fact, insync detects immediately this file and says that it starts “dowloading it”, as shown in the following capture image of the insync window.


however, it stalls in this state of starting to download for about 15 minutes, until it starts downloading it, which once it is started, it’s done in no time due to the tiny size of the file.

funny enough, this problem seems to occur only with downloading files. when i create this same file in my linux box, insync synchronizes it immediately to the Google Drive, also when i remove files. so the problem occurs only with downloading files from the Google Drive to my linux box running centOS 7.

any hint will be greatly appreciated because it’s really annoying when you have to wait for 15 minutes to get small a file that you can only create in your laptop (e.g., a PDF from some of the productivity tools in macOS) and that you need to further work with in the linux box.