Sync additions but not deletions

Is there a way for insync to sync only files that I add to my local drive folder, but not files I delete?

It is not very comforting or safe, if I accidently delete a folder on my local drive that it could be deleted on my cloud drive.

Hi! Right now, there is no specific configuration to handle such a use case.

If there is an accidental deletion, one can check the computer’s trash folder and restore those files so it gets resynced to the cloud.

I would find this very useful. I often want to upload files to Google Drive without having to keep a local copy, but currently the only way to do that with Insync is to sync with a staging folder on Drive, then move the files to a non-synced folder via the Drive browser interface. This means having to remember to do the move after the sync finishes. Being able to designate certain folders as “upload only” (or perhaps “append only”) would make this much easier.

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Hi @POC,

Our 1-way sync may address the “upload only” preference you mentioned, but not the part about not having a local copy.

I can bring this up with our team as a feature request :slight_smile:

Hi! Just wanted to ask about the update regarding this feature.

This was a very prominent feature in Google’s Backup and Sync app to use GDrive fully as a backup (especially for those of us who always have a shortage of hard drive space) but now with Google forcing out Backup and Sync and forcing users with Google Drive Desktop, which is a complete nightmare, lots of us are scrambling to find alternatives. So this feature would be greatly appreciated ontop of the the 1-way sync feature. Thank you so much!

hello and thanks for your request.

the 1-way sync feature doesn’t propagate deletes from target to source. does that work for you?

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