Sync already existing/populated folder without having to re-download everything first (SOLVED via file-matching feature)

Why cant we just start the new install of Insync with a folder that we KNOW already is uploaded to google drive, without having to re-download the whole thing.

No issues if its 100MB, but I have a new PC with 2TB on the hard drive that is already on google drive. Do I need to re-download all 2TB? Where? It is only a 3TB drive? Heeeellllp (please)



i have the same issue … wish there was an easy way to do this. seem ridiculous it can’t be done.

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I really just want to use Insync to upload a 400GB archive, but it’s just uploading some stuff, duplicating, etc etc.

Is it possible to implement a Drive scanning feature?

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Hi guys, currently the “file compare” feature is not yet available. this feature is currently being worked on and will be available soon. Thank you for bringing this up and I will +1 you guys on this request. :smile:


+1 Would love to see this feature!

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Thank you for the response! Really looking forward to this.

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Thanks for the update. This is the only reason I’m not using Insync yet.

Any idea when soon is? :smile:
Would like to decide whether i need to look for other option, or if its just a few more weeks to wait.

I am looking forward to receiving this feature :grin:

Desperately need this. InSync is not really doing the job for what I bought it for… keep my NAS backed up, because of this issue. I have TB’s of data already backed up to Drive, I can’t resync the whole lot each time my PC changes.


Definitely up for this. The last time I synced my files it took me 2-3 days straight and now it’s going to the same phase again.

I will +1 you on this request.

Thank you

Please make this top priority. +1

We are. It is said to release in version 1.3


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In my opinion, this is (or should be) the “Mother of all waiting improvements”. And the second one is (or should be) to increase dramatically the speed of “syncing metadata”, using the whole available RAM in the process and any other shortcut.

I totally agree with you @quasaribex. Our engineers are working to release the feature the soonest possible time.

Thanks for your work on this (of course, this was promised for release 1.1 two years ago). Like many users, I am in the TB range of data and have had to re-download every time I change my OS. This response gave me some hope; does it still work on version 1.2?

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@forester yes. It applies also for version 1.2. Thank you for your understanding.

desperately need this feature… +1

It will be real real soon. We are now testing it internally :smile: